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Companion Health Support Programs

A Digital Revolution in Health Support

What makes Companion programs different?

Companion programs use - the world's first Intelligent Personal Health Record. Beth's tellbeth app is always with you - on your smart-phone. The app's camera, microphone and screen are Beth's eye's, ears and voice. So Beth can record, analyse and respond to the everyday things - little or big - that impact your health journey.

Your Companion Health Support Program is designed to support you for every step of that journey.

If you choose to - you can also invite a physician, coach, dietitian or other allied health professional - or a trusted friend - to support you on your health journey. Using the tellbeth app and your record as a "hub" - Beth will bring you their advice and make sure that each gets to see just what you want them to see.


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Hypertension Companion™ Program Assessment

Answer a few questions so that Beth can tailor this Companion program to meet your specific needs.