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Arthritis Companion™

With You Every Step

It's hard to enjoy life when every move hurts. This program will help you to take control of your arthritis - and your pain.

You'll achieve this by reducing the strain on your joints and by building the strength and flexibility needed to support them. Beth, a dietitian and a coach will be helping you to lose weight, to move and to exercise.

  Simple Food Tracking & Advice

Snap your food with tellbeth. Beth and your dietitian will talk to you about your servings and portion sizes. There's no counting calories and no obsessing over what's in each food item.

  Practical Eating Strategies

No meal plans, no shopping lists, no food diaries - and there's no need to plan, shop and eat alone. Beth and your dietitian will work with your existing foods and habits.

  Automated Activity Tracking

No need for another device - just keep your phone with you and the tellbeth app will watch how much you're moving. Beth and your coach can then give you tips and encouragement when you need it.

  Learn By Doing

No fat books and web-sites. Nobody enjoys studying and doing homework. From time to time Beth will give you videos to watch. Beth and your coaches and dietitians will also review what you're doing and give day-to-day tips and encouragement to help you to build healthier long-term habits.

  24x7 Attention

Beth will keep a low-key watchful eye and give you a nudge in the right direction when you need it. She'll make sure that your coach and dietitian are kept up-to-date and pass on any messages from them.

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"Three months in and going shopping is a pleasure again. I wouldn't have believed it possible!"

Leanne J. Leanne J.